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Eric Musselman

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Monday, 05 August 2019 15:22

Welcome Baybe!

We are excited to welcome Baybe to the Hill!



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Monday, 05 August 2019 15:04

Love all of it

Friday, 26 July 2019 15:19

Pool Party!

At the end of our last practice of the summer we thought it would be great for our guys to get together away from basketball before they went home for a few weeks.

Pool party group


We find it important as a program to take time out to have some fun. Our guys had 8 hard weeks of practice and workouts as well as 10 weeks of summer school. 

Pool party adrio


We did end up incorporating basketball into our event with the #DunkAsOneRazorback video. Our guys had a blast doing this and they executed the play call perfectly. To watch the video CLICK HERE.

Our players now get some time at home with their families to recharge and get ready for the school year. 

Pool party j5





Tuesday, 23 July 2019 22:03

Once a Razorback always a Razorback

Throughout the summer we have had numerous former Razorbacks in the gym watching practice. 


Our staff has loved spending time with past Razorbacks from several different eras and hearing their stories about what it meant to play for Arkansas.

 Daryl macon

Not only has it been beneficial to our staff, but also to our players to hear the stories of the guys that have been through the roller coaster of an SEC season. 

 Dan G


The pride that these guys exude for this program speaks volumes for what it means to be a Razorback.


 Here is a list of the guys who have visited this summer. We hope to see more Razorback greats soon!

  • Ron Brewer
  • Sidney Moncrief
  • Darrell Walker
  • Ronnie Brewer Jr.
  • Daryl Macon
  • Dusty Hannahs
  • Courtney Fortson
  • Dontell Jeferson
  • Alandise Harris
  • Jabril Durham
  • Anthlon Bell
  • Clyde Fletcher
  • Kikko Haydar


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