Nevada Players Receive Personal Letters From Coach

Nevada Players Receive Personal Letters From Coach

Last week Coach Musselman gave each one of his players a personalized letter before the start of the new season. Before practice, Pack players saw a letter in each of their lockers written by their head coach. In the letters, Coach Musselman wrote about his goals and expectations for each player this upcoming season.

He described how each player can exploit their strengths, as well as improve other parts of their game in the effort to become a complete, versatile, all-around basketball player.

Coach Musselman makes a conscious effort to have strong relationships with his players. He takes time before and after every practice to talk with his players about things going on both on and off the court.

"I want to make sure each one of our Nevada players knows how much we care about them and how much we value personal development here," Coach Musselman said, "Every day we are trying to find ways to get 1% better than we were yesterday. These letters are a great way for our guys to see some their goals and expectations written out on paper and that’s the first step to actually going out and achieving them."

The players all kept the letters in their locker as motivation and as a reminder of what they have to focus on for this upcoming season. 

The Pack have their season opener at home tonight versus Idaho at 7:00 p.m.