Knack for the Ball

Knack for the Ball

Nevada has developed a new pregame tradition this year. Every game, when Pack players leave the locker room for the last time before making their way to the court, they put their hands on a mounted basketball as a reminder of how important the ball is.   

Screen Shot 2017 11 19 at 2.30.32 PMThe mounted basketball that the players grab before each game was a gift to the team from Kara Savant and the Nevada Sculpture Department.

Over the summer and all the way through Camp Brotherhood, Coach Musselman and his staff have placed a special emphasis on having a "knack for the ball."

Having a "knack for the ball" is a term used that encompasses rebounding, not turning the ball over, getting deflections, and getting loose balls. It is placing an extremely high value on the basketball and finding ways to gain more possessions than the other team over the course of a game. Through focusing on outrebounding opponents, limiting turnovers, getting 30 or more deflections, and winning the loose ball battles, Nevada will have more possessions, shots on goal, and significantly increase their chances of winning at the end of the game.   

IMG 2377#33 Josh Hall (sophomore) on the left. #4 Darien Williams (senior) behind him reaching for the mounted basketball before the Wolf Pack’s 88-81 win over Rhode Island

The Pack will make sure they bring the mounted basketball on every road trip because of how important the idea behind it is: having a "knack for the ball," will win you basketball games.