Competing Against Yourself

Competing Against Yourself

At Nevada, we want Pack players to always be in competition with themselves. They should always be in a fight with the person looking back at them in the mirror to get better every day. There will be times when practices are tough, games don’t go your way but no matter what, when you step on the court you love to compete and win.  

The summer is a great time to evaluate yourself as a player and student. At practice every day, you naturally are competing against your teammates. We encourage that competition, but we want you to additionally compete against yourself. What do you need to improve on? What are you doing to make sure you improve? In each drill you should be striving to do better than you did the practice before. Ultimately, our goal for each player is to WIN THE DAY. 

We gave our players personalized packets this summer. The packet has goals for them on the court, in the weight room and in the classroom. Each player has different goals, whether it is to improve by 5% from 3pt range, to add 15lbs of muscle or to raise their GPA above a 3.0. We want our players to know these goals and study them regularly. We go over them weekly at practice as a team and expect our players to know each one of their goals if asked. We want our players to constantly strive to get better and never be complacent. Pack players will work towards our team goals and individual.