Lindsey Drew on Marqueze Coleman - Tuesday Testimony

Lindsey Drew on Marqueze Coleman - Tuesday Testimony

Lindsey Drew, a senior point guard for the Wolfpack, spoke on his mentorship from Marqueze Coleman during his freshman year. Coleman was a senior point guard for Nevada during Drew’s freshman year and helped Lindsey with the adjustment into the college game. 

The mentorship of Coleman was evident in the improvements of Drew from his freshman to sophomore season. His assists per game increased from 2.8 to 4.7, with his assists total increasing by 61 for the year. His turnovers went down and his points per game increased as well. Drew was on pace for further improvements in those statistics during his junior campaign but suffered a season ending Achilles injury. The improvements in Drew’s performance had a lot to do with the mentality that Coleman instilled in him after playing alongside each other for a year.  

Coleman played 4 years at Nevada, winning the 2016 CBI Tournament Championship his senior season. He led the Pack in scoring with 15.1 points per game and with 3.3 assists per game that year. He finished his career ranked 21stall time in scoring at Nevada with 1,098 and ranks 9that Nevada with 379 made free throws for his career. Coleman has since moved onto to the professional ranks where he has played in the NBA G-League and overseas. 

Most recently, Coleman played in the TBT, the highest stakes basketball tournament in the world where the winner takes home $2 million. He had 2 impressive outings during the tournament where he posted 33 points, 5 assists and 2 steals in a win verse the Dubois Dream. Following that game, Marqueze scored 20 points and 4 rebounds verses Team Colorado. 

“I learned a lot from Marqueze Coleman. He was a senior when I was a freshman and one of the main things i learned from him was leadership and how to run a team. He had experience playing in the mountain west and knew the league better than anyone. Throughout my time at nevada, i’ve tried to be great at knowing the conference, personnel and our oppononents tendencies. My advice to our freshmen would be to watch the upperclassmen, learn from them, but also be yourself and prove your worth" -Lindsey Drew