Everybody Has A Role

Everybody Has A Role

Establishing roles for our players is extremely important. These roles may not be easy for every player to accept, as some feel they should have a more featured role on a team. Each individual’s role is equally important and a huge part of our success. It's important to emphasize how each role plays into the context of what we're trying to accomplish as a team.  Giving every player specific goals and expectations is a great way to get everyone to buy into their role. Players who refuse to buy into a specific role have no business being a part of a team.

If you look at the NBA, there are guys who play very little minutes and some who never play at all.  It doesn't mean they're no good; they wouldn't be on an NBA roster if that were the case.  What it means is that they have a role to play and they must figure out how to be great at it.  For example, 14 year NBA Veterant Al Jefferson took a smaller role because of Domantas Sabonis joining the team. Jefferson was an established big man in the NBA with over 14,000 points and more than 7,500 rebounds. He did not let his ego get to him and accepted his new role by mentoring Sabonis on a daily basis because he know that was what the team needed. 

Pack players must have this mentality in order for our team to reach our goals for the season.