Getting Yourself Physically Ready to Play

Getting Yourself Physically Ready to Play

A reoccuring theme from two Wolf Pack alumni, NBA veterans Ramon Sessions and Luke Babbit, while speaking with our team this summer was the importance of taking care of your body. Getting yourself physically ready to play is something we want Pack players to take pride in. We want them recieving treatment from our sports medicine staff and spedning extra time stretching or in the weight room. 

This summer we prioritzed nutrition into our program and other ways to get our players body's ready for compeition. One way was attending yoga classes. Yoga has quickly grown to be one of the most popular exercises in the world and is steadily being utilized by professional athletes of every sport. Cowboys Head Coach Jason Garrett stresses the importance of flexibility and has his entire roster participate in yoga classes throughout the shortened offseason. 

The Dallas Cowboys are not the only ones doing yoga, NBA superstar Lebron James has been known to do yoga throughout the season. In fact, James has incorporated yoga into his pre game routine. He would take yoga classes in the morning before games because he viewed it as a, "mind-body technique that keeps him ahead of the curve." 

Pack players understand the importance of taking care of their body and understand that this is meant to prolong their careers. We prioritize the health of Pack players and make sure their bodies are ready to compete at a high level.