The Weight Vest Approach

The Weight Vest Approach

The Wolf Pack used one of Coach Musselman’s father, Bill Musselman's, coaching methods at practice yesterday having players wear weighted vests. The elder Musselman used the weight vest tactic at the University of Minnesota where he coached the Gophers to a Big Ten Championship.  Pack players vested up for a segment of our practice adding extra resistance to them and forcing them to push through fatigue.  

Coach Bill Musselman would use weighted vests for the entire year with his players. One purpose of the weighted vests is to give one team an advantage or disadvantage. Another idea behind it was that when you take the vest off, playing is much easier. It teaches players mental toughness to fight through the fatigue and also physical toughness because of the added weight. Research has proven this to be true, as it adds resistance, improves conditioning, and simulates playing through contact. It can force players to use more legs while shooting as well. When the players take the vests off, they will move at an entirely different speed. 

It was great to bring an old tactic back to practice and use with Pack players. We incoporated this into practices starting the first week of the fall and will continue to use the vests for the remainder of the pre-season.