The Pack Welcomes Guest Speaker Paul Mitchell

The Pack Welcomes Guest Speaker Paul Mitchell

Paul Mitchell, one of the Pack’s biggest supporters, spoke to our program last week. Paul works in the Journalism Department at the University and has been a mentor to our players over the years. 

Paul’s message to our team was regarding their “Personal Brand”. He challenged our guys to think about their own personal brands and how they can make good impressions through them. There will be a lot of spotlight on the Pack as a program and on our players individually. How they conduct themselves on and off the court will impact them in the future if they have hopes to play in the NBA or pursue a job in their field of study. Their body language during games, how they react to calls and how they communicate to their teammates will all impact their personal brand and how future employers view them. As we tell our players, the logo is always on for our program. Paul emphasized that and added how it is always on for their personal brand as well.

We want to thank Paul for taking time out of his day to speak to Pack players and giving them great advice on their personal brand.