Mind Candy

Mind Candy

At Nevada, we discuss with Pack players how our daily “Mind Candy” relates to them, their commitment to the team and how they can improve as a unit. These short phrases or graphics are meant to get our players thinking about certain topics. They are designed to inspire them, drive home key concepts, and to stimulate discussion. Most importantly, they set the expectation of our programs and helps us establish the championship culture we want to embody. 

At the beginning of practice each day, we introduce a new Mind Candy phrase. We state it to the team and usually will show a graphic or video that goes along with the theme of today. We will discuss how it relates to each player individually and our team before we start. This is a great way to get Pack players in the right mind set to attack the day and have a good practice. 

An example of Mind Candy we have used with our team…

  • Things that require zero talent: being on time, work ethic, effort, body language, attitude, passion, and being coachable. 

Pack players can think to themselves if they are living by these traits on and off the court and if not, we want this Mind Candy to bring it out of them.