Toughest Non-Conference Schedule

Toughest Non-Conference Schedule

Making the NCAA Tournament as a mid-major program can be extremely difficult. Most mid-major conferences are one bid leagues and it comes down to whoever wins the conference tournament is the only team that gets in. All in all, scheduling is a huge factor in hopes for a potential at-large bid into the NCAA Tournament. 

A lot goes into creating a non-conference schedule. You want to look for solid power five games that will boost your NET, higher NET mid-majors that will be a challenge but won't hurt the resume, games that are attractive to your fan base and of course you want to sprinkle in a few games that you are favored to win. After reading all of the above, one would think scheduling isn't that hard, right? Well here's the hard part: when you're a consensus Top 10 program in the country it's hard to find teams that are willing to play, especially power fives. With that being said, according to our 2018-19 non-conference schedule should be commended.

Mid-Major Madness ranked the top 10 mid-major non-conference schedules and they have Nevada at #1. This is a testament to our hardworking staff for putting together a great schedule, that will not only challenge our team, but also help us to compete for a NCAA Tournament bid.

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