#HoopTalk with Anthony Ruta: Scouting Preparation

#HoopTalk with Anthony Ruta: Scouting Preparation

We sat down with Nevada Assistant Coach Anthony Ruta to discuss how to effectively scout your opponents. 

Ruta has been with the Wolf Pack since 2015 serving as the Director of Basketball Operations before being elevated to Assistant Coach. Prior to Nevada, Ruta spent time in the NBA G-League with the Fort Wayne Mad Ants as an Assistant Coach. His first step in his coaching career was at Arizona State as a Graduate Assistant, which was where he first worked with Coach Musselman. 

We sat Ruta down and discussed the importance of scouting preparation and how he approaches it…

Q: When you find out you have a scout, what is your first step in starting your preparation?

AR: The first thing I do when scouting a team is I go on their website and print out of their players bios. I'll read their bio and highlight key information. Along those same lines, I will then search the team and pull as many articles as I can on a given team trying to learn as much as possible.

Q: Is it more important to know and review every set a team runs or review the general actions from their sets?

AR: It's really important as a coach to know as many actions as possible that an opposing team runs and what the team will do in special situations (I.E. low shot clock or end of game). However, when presenting to the team, it's important to zone in on a select amount of the team's high volume actions. There's a science to scouting where you want to be extremely prepared, but you also have to toe the line and not overload the team with information.

Q: As far as personnel goes, what tendencies do you look for in the opposing players?

AR: From a personnel perspective, it's important to focus on a player's 3-4 top strengths and 1-2 weaknesses. We play against a lot of high level players that we as coaches could pinpoint 8-10 strengths on a given player, but as coaches we have to realize what their top strengths are and try to contain those, while knowing there are other ways they could potentially beat us. It's also important to know a player's weakness whether it be on the offensive end of the floor or defensive end of the floor.

We want to thank Ruta for sitting down and discussing his thoughts of scouting with us.