Former Pack Player Willis Allen Makes Stop in Reno

Former Pack Player Willis Allen Makes Stop in Reno

Former Wolf Pack Player Willis Allen made a stop in Reno to speak with the team today. Allen played for Nevada back when there was no 3pt line and you couldn’t dunk back in the 1969-1970 season. Since then, he has been one of the biggest supporters of our program and is excited for the recent success that Nevada has had. 

He recalled the days when he was playing in Reno and the amount of intense conditioning they took part in. The work ethic they had back then when he was playing should resognate with our guys on what it will take to be successful this season. Allen was impressed with our ability to bring energy during the practice today and how hard every guy played. 

Allen, jokingly, stated how he was only 5ft 14in back when he played. Now, he is 5ft 16in and would be a much better player if he played at his current height. 

The former Pack player turned lifelong fan had butterflies during practice today. It is great to have former players and fans be impacted by the culture that has been built here at Nevada. The joy is Allen's voice form being around our program was humbling for the Wolf Pack. We have a great group of guys who work hard day in and day out and hearing the stories from former players, alumni, and fans motivates us to continue our success for Northern Nevada.