Wolf Pack Film Room: Week 1 Recap

Wolf Pack Film Room: Week 1 Recap

The Wolf Pack are off to a good start at 2-0 with our next game coming this Friday agaist Arkansas Little Rock. Our Wolf Pack Film Room segment is going to take a look at our games and break down the film to see certain areas we can imporve on and areas we had success in. This will provide a learning experience for our staff and other coaches viewing these posts. 

In our first two games, we have made 23 three point field goals. The Pack got hot from three in our last game knocking down 15 of our 31 three point attempts. Taking a closer look at how we were able to knock down 15 three's in a game, we realized it had alot to do with our willingness to share the basketball. 

Pack players have the ability to beat their defender off the dribble and penetrate the defense. Ideally, we would like them to get into the paint to draw as much help as possible. When they get to this spot, they are a threat to score the ball but more importantly they draw help and have the ability to find open shooters. We love the concept of "Inside-Out Passes", especially for 3pt shot attempts. Inside out passes allow the shooter to be shot ready and get into their natural rhythm shooting the ball. We have found that 3pt shot attempts that come from inside-out passes have a significantly higher percentage of being made compared to 3pt shot attempts sprinting the floor in transition, coming off screens, shooting off the dribble, etc. When your man goes to help and you recieve an inside out pass, we want you to be shot ready and shoot the ball. Pentrating the defense like this will cause for long closeouts from the defense helping and there is no better time to drive the basketball than when your defender has a long clsoeout to you, as you see in the last clip with Jordan Caroline.

Take a look at the video below on our inside-out threes!