Wolf Pack Film Room: Transition and Help Defense

Wolf Pack Film Room: Transition and Help Defense

The #6 Wolf Pack imporved to 4-0 after beating two quality opponents in Arkansas Little Rock and Cal Baptist. Both of these opponents brought with them different challenges that we had to prepare for.

Arkansas Little Rock is one of the best transition teams in the country. They want to get out and run on both makes and misses. Our emphasis against them was to limit their transition opporunities by sprinting back in transition and communicating. On top of that, we had to make sure we understood their personnel and how we were going to defend the man we would be matching up to in transition. 

Cal Baptist brought a different style of play with them as they heavily used ball screens throughout the game. We had to be efficient with our ball screen coverage and communication. We knew that their ball screens would cause us to be in rotation and we had to have a night full of great help defense. Multiple efforts from all 5 defenders on each possession was going to be a key coponent to our success against them.

Check out the video below to get an inside look at how we defended using the points of emphasis mentioned above.