Wolf Pack Film Room: Hustle Plays

Wolf Pack Film Room: Hustle Plays

The Wolf Pack left LA on Saturday with a quality win after defeating USC 73-61 at the Galen Center. 

In order to beat USC, we knew that we had to stop them in transition. We knew that we had to hold them to 10 points or fewer in transition if we were going to have a chance to win the game. 

We are going to take a look at hustle plays from this game, most of which helped stop the Trojans from scoring in transition. 

Lets take a look at these clips from a coaches perspective...

Clip 1: After Caleb Martin dives on a floor in an attempt to get a loose ball, USC has a clear break away layup. Jazz Johnson does not give up on the play and sprints back to contest the layup which results in a miss and saves us two points. Jazz not giving up on the play and sprinting back are the types of hustle plays we need. Also, Jordan Brown and Tre Thurman both sprint back to get the rebound not giving up on the play.

Clip 2: This clip is filled with hustle plays that define how we play here at Nevada. It starts with Caleb Martin diving into the stands to save a ball from going out of bounds. Cody then sprints from behind to get a back tip then Jazz Johnson goes all out for the ball which results in him being hit to the floor. After USC comes up with the ball, Corey Henson steps in and takes a charge. Great multiple efforts from four different players on one possession stopping the Trojans from scoring in transition again. 

Clip 3: As USC pushes the ball in transition, Cody Martin moves to protect the basket and take a charge, once again preventing USC from scoring in transition. Charge attempts are hustle plays that we love and respect players for giving up their bodies to get a stop.

Clip 4: You can see Tre Thurman stopping the ball early in transition, he points and picks just like we teach communicating his match up. He stops the point guard early and does not let them score in the initial break. Thurman then squares up the ball once it is settled and gets a big time stop on a quality point guard driving to the hoop. We consider this a hustle play because of Tre communicating early, pointing and picking and executing our gameplan of stopping USC in transition.

Clip 5: Tre Thurman rotates to help while we front the post and takes a charge. Big time play by Thurman. 

Hustle plays are something that we chart every single game and our competitive edge is getting deflections, diving on the floor, taking charges, etc. It was evident that our hustle plays are what led us to getting a win at USC on Saturday.