Wolf Pack Film Room: SDSU Recap

Wolf Pack Film Room: SDSU Recap

The Wolf Pack held the most dynamic scoring duo in college basketball to 10 points on Saturday night. South Dakota State's Mike Daum and David Jenkins came into the game averging 48.7 points per game between the two of them and the Pack defense forced them to only make 3 of their combined 19 shots from the field. 

A big part of the defensive effort from the Pack came from senior forward, Trey Porter. Porter, who is 6'11, had the assignment to guard Daum. His assignment also consisted of guarding Jenkins from the perimiter when he was switched onto him. 

Porter stepped up to this challenge and had one of his best defensive efforts of the year. He was protecting the rim, guarding on the perimeter and contested shots from all over. Without the type of defensive effort that Porter brought to the game, the result may have been different. 

This film room sessions will take a look at what the 6'11 forward did during the game, which is quite impressive given his size and the caliber of scorers he was going up against. 

Some keys to the game that Porter had to do in order for us to win the game...

  • Limit catches for Daum and Jenkins
  • Take away the 3pt line and contest all shots
  • Have a high hand on every closeout and switch
  • Know personnel and scouting report

In these clips you can see that Trey Porter does a great job of taking what we gave him and applying it during every defensive possession. He has a high hand on every closeout, takes away the initial 3pt shot and does a great job of keeping that high hand on the drive forcing difficult shots. 

Here are a few clips of Trey Porter demonstrating what is explained above. Check them out!