Pack Uses Motivation Before the Holiday Break

Pack Uses Motivation Before the Holiday Break

The Pack staff decided to use a unique holiday motivation tactic to get our players ready to go last night against Akron. 

The day prior to the game, we handed out Nevada envelopes and asked our players to write in them what they wish to accomplish during the game. An example would be, getting 10 rebounds, taking a charge, getting 5 deflections or not letting your man hit a 3pt shot. 

Pack players wrote down different types of committments that they wanted to accomplish that were specific to them in order to be the best possible teammate they can and help us win the game. 

"Prior to walking out on the floor tonight each one of you think about what you wrote down in these envelopes. Each one of you has made a promise to your teammates in these envelopes. A Christmas gift to everyone else sitting here next to you." Coach Musselman told our players pre game.

We knew going into this game that it was important that we played extremely hard in order to gain an edge against a quality opponent. We believed that this is what would give us that edge because it represented a committment you were making to your teammates once you wrote in the envelope. 

Coach Musselmen continued, "Each timeout ask yourself am I fulfilling the commitment I made to my teammates? Am I playing hard enough to fulfill that commitment? Am I talking enough on defense to fulfill that commitment? Am I fully engaged to every second, every play of the game to fulfill that commitment to my teammates? This is the season of giving and each of you have promised to give your teammates something to help us win this game. There should be nothing left in the tank with 3 days off!"

The motivation worked and helped Pack players grind out another victory to improve to 12-0. Our guys are a family and wanted to honor their committments to one another to assure that everyone had a Merry Christmas.

The Pack head into the Christmas break with a perfect record of 12-0 and are off the the best start in program history. We look forward to continuing the success December 29th when we face off against Utah to conclude our non conference schedule.