Nevada Basketball: Highlighted Box Scores

Nevada Basketball: Highlighted Box Scores

Nevada Basketball will start and finish preparing for our opponents with highlighted box scores. 

Highlighted box scores are our way to highlight and emphaisze what other teams have had success with, have struggled with, and the success/struggles their opponents have been having against them. We will prepare our players with highlighted box scores of our opponents last 5 games and the last time that they have played against Nevada. This is important because it highlights everything that we need to know about the opponents without leaving anything out. For example, it is easy to remember a teams leading scorer averages 20ppg but the highlighted box score will also show you they get 4 offensive rebounds per game as well. Therefore, we know we will not only have to limit their scoring but their offensive rebounding as well.

We approach the highlighted box score with a simple rule, stats highlighted in yellow are good for Nevada and stats highlighted in pink are bad for Nevada. Looking at the example below, you can see that Akron's Banks has his 3FG attempts highlighted in pink and Utomi has his rebounds highlighted in pink. Also, Jordan Carolines rebounds are highlighted in pink. Pink highlights mean this was not good for Nevada, as we want Jordan Caroline to have more than 4 rebounds per game and we cannot allow an opponent to get 10 rebounds or go 3-5 from 3FG. 

Highlighted in yellow, you can see that Akron's Free Throw Attempts were yellow and Jazz Johnson's 3FG and Free Throw attempts were yellow. This indicates that we did a good job of not fouling and only giving up 8 FTA's the entire game and also how efficient Jazz was by going 2-3 from 3FG and 4-4 from the charity stripe.

This is a great way to get a detailed analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of not only your opponents but also of your own team. By doing so, you are not leaving out any stats or details that may go unnoticed other wise. 

We file these highlighted box scores and will look back at them the next time we play an opponent to see what we had success with and areas we need to improve on from the last time we played.

Take a look at the box score from our Akron game and see what was highlighted!