Jazz Johnson Leads Country in Offensive Efficiency

Jazz Johnson Leads Country in Offensive Efficiency

The #6 Pack are off to the best start in program history and a big reason for our success is the efficiency of Jazz Johnson. 

Jazz is currently leading the country in effective field goal percentage (eFG%) and offensive rating (ORtg). He is the #1 player in all of college basketball in those categories.

Effective Field Goal Percentage is calculated by the player's points produced per 100 possessions. 

Offensive Rating takes into considering that 3 point field goals are worth more than 2 point field goals, and as we all know, shooting the 3 is what Jazz is known for.

This kind of efficiency coming off the bench is the spark that the Pack needs night in and night out. After going 4-4 from 3FG last night, Jazz is now shooting an impressive 59.6% from beyond the arc. He also comes in as our 3rd leading scorer with 12.3 points per game in his 26.9 minutes per game. 

On top of his impressive shooting, Jazz also has 21 assists and just 3 turnovers through his 12 games played. 

Jazz is a great example of how we want to play basketball by efficienctly shooting the three ball and not turning the ball over.