Carrick Felix Speaks to the Pack

Carrick Felix Speaks to the Pack

Last week the Pack had the pleasure of having former NBA player Carrick Felix in town to speak to them. 

Felix, a former Arizona State guard, played for the Sun Devils during the time when Coach Musselman, Coach Ruta and Coach Dunson were all also in Tempe. 

Carrick was not known for his ability to score or shoot the ball. He was drafted 33rd overall in the 2013 NBA draft because of the intangibles he brought with him such as his work ethic, defensive ability and leadership. 

His message to the team consisted of how to approach three simple things which were your habits, making sacrifices and knowing the opportunity. His success story was made possible because of how he changed his habits midway through his college career and the sacrifices that he had to make in order to become the player that he is.

Felix emphasized how important it is for our upperclassmen to take advantage of the opportunity that is in front of them and to increase their level of accountability towards our younger players.  

His message was powerful and we hope that it got through to Pack players as we approach the remainder of our season. 

We want to thank Carrick for spending a day in Reno and speaking with our program!