Alan Stein Visits the Pack

Alan Stein Visits the Pack

World renowned speaker, author and coach, Alan Stein, visited the Pack yesterday to speak with our team. 

Alan told our players multiple stories of his time working with superstar athletes such as Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant. The theme of his stories consisted around the importance of having a tremendous work ethic with everything that you do in order to seperate yourself from others. He referenced his experience with Kobe Bryant and how he would wake up at 4am to start his first workout of the day to get ahead of the compeition. The little things that the best athletes in the world do is what seperates them from the rest of those in their field. 

Stein also emphasized the importance of being great in your role. There are many different roles on a team and whichever role you fall into, it is your job to be great at it in order for your team to suceed at a high level. 

The motivation that Alan instilled in our players was just what we needed going into this final stretch of the regular season. We hope his words allow our guys to re-focus and lock in on what we hope to accomplish here in the next few months.

We want to thank Alan for stopping by and spending his day speaking with the Pack!