The Pack Will Support ALS Wednesday Night vs. San Diego State

The Pack Will Support ALS Wednesday Night vs. San Diego State

In an effort to raise awareness for the disease that Mark Fisher, son of longtime SDSU Head coach Steve Fisher, was diagnosed with in 2013, the Nevada Wolf Pack will join the fight against ALS tomorrow night by wearing customized Nevada/ALS Shooting Shirts.

"As we started our preparation for San Diego State, one of the first ideas that was discussed was doing something unique for Mark Fisher and the Fisher family. In the past, we have worn ALS pins to bring awareness to this debilitating disease. This year we wanted to put a bigger spotlight on the cause to fight ALS by having our players wear a shooting shirt that would put a spotlight on ALS. Our coaching staff has incredible respect and admiration for both Steve and Mark Fisher. We hope fans in both programs help join in the fight against ALS.", Eric Musselman. 

Musselman continued, "Whenever you discuss San Diego State, you automatically think about Coach Fisher and the impact he had on our conference and all of college basketball. For many years, his team was the flagship program of the Mountain West. Our staff and players wanted to let him know that we admire his leadership and are thinking about him and his son as we get ready to play the Aztecs. We have people in the program that have been affected by the disease and know the day to day struggles that you go through. We hope this game sheds light on that and helps raise awareness for those that have ALS or know someone who is."

To learn more about ALS and to find ways that you can help contribute to fighting the disease you can go to