Musselman's College Coach Visits the Pack

Musselman's College Coach Visits the Pack

During our stay in Colorado Springs before our game against Air Force, Coach Musselman's coach at University of San Diego spent time with our team. 

Coach Hank Egan, who currently lives in the area after his tenure coaching at Air Force, was happy to stop by and catch up with his former player. It was great to reminisce about old memories, players and the current success of our Nevada program. The coach in him came out as well when he started giving us coaching tips on how to beat Air Force.

His message to our players was to make sure that they always stay true to themselves and what got them here. With success, comes alot of people that will wanting to come into your circle because of the success and tell you how to do things. He insisted for them to just continue to listen to the same people they have their whole life and to make sure they continue to do what they have been doing their whole life that got them here.

The message to stay true to yourselves is something that our players need to hear as we end the season and approach post season. We want to thank Coach Egan for spending his time with us and talking to our players.