Play of the day

Play of the day

As a coach taking notes and saving notebooks is just an occupational hazard. Bookshelves fill up and you tend to forget about them until every few months you start rifling through them again just to see what you have. 


Well I have accumulated a lot of my own notebooks over the years, but having a father who was a coach doubles my library. Especially because he didn’t live in such a digital age. Everything of his is hand written or was typed up on a type writer. 


As I was rifling through my collection of playbooks I came across one that I haven’t seen in a long time; my father’s “Coaching Notebooks.” We ended up actually selling a few of these as well. This book includes NBA Offensive Plays, Defensive Plays, Out-Of-Bounds Plays, Three Point Plays and Match-Up-Zone Defense rules.


 I thought to myself, ‘there’s no point hiding this book from the world. It is time for me to pay it forward.’ So for the next few posts I will be sharing plays from the Bill Musselman Coaching Notebooks taking my best educated guess to determine the time period of each play. Hope you enjoy!! 


Today’s play comes from what we believe was the 1981 Boston Celtics who would have been coached by the legendary Bill Fitch. The play is a variation of a play that my dad used to run all the time involving a Hawk Cut and a Double Screen.