Isaiah Joe and Hays Myers Take Indianapolis Written by Hays Myers

Isaiah Joe and Hays Myers Take Indianapolis Written by Hays Myers

3:59 am. Eyes open. Alarm is scheduled to go off at 4 O’clock. I slowly roll out of bed turn the alarm off and hop in the shower. The start of one of the longest but most informative weekends I have had the privilege of having.

4:45 am. Arrive at Isaiah Joe’s apartment. Isaiah walks from his apartment to my car slowly. The sleepiness displayed by bags underneath his eyes.

4:50 am. Off to XNA 35 minutes away for our flight at 6:15 am headed to Indianapolis by way of Chicago for the Elite Student-Athlete Symposium hosted by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).


Isaiah arriving at Indianapolis International Airport

4:00 pm: Symposium begins. We do not know what to expect but both Isaiah and I are excited to learn and be a part of such elite company. A few of the players that surrounded us were on the national stage last season (Cassius Winston from Michigan State and Markus Howard from Marquette just to name a few).

The NCAA headquarters was only a hop skip and a jump away from our hotel so we were able to walk over shortly.


NCAA National Office


Isaiah on Day one in the NCAA National Office

Day one presentations started out with a bang learning about decision making and how there are different types of decisions to make. We learned about trained vs untrained decisions. The takeaway from Luke Fedlam of Anomaly Sports group was to make REAP decisions. Reap stands for Recognize decision, Evaluate Information, Analyze options and Produce Decision.

Our second speaker of the day was Jeremy McCool from the NCAA Enforcement office. McCool has a unique backstory having been on the losing side of all the Harlem Globetrotters wins for a long time. McCool spoke to us about what does the ball mean to us. The ball took him to 21 different countries, what can it do for you.

So I asked Isaiah, what does the ball mean to you?

Isaiah: “I was born into basketball. I love the game. Not many really come out from where I come from in Fort Smith, Arkansas.”

Some of the other speakers of the night included Garth Glissman, Associate Vice President of Basketball Operations for the NBA. Garth was great and really broke down the statistics of how hard it is to make it in the NBA. A lot of interesting facts that Isaiah and I were glad we got the chance to hear.

With a little dinner break in the action, Isaiah and I decided to explore a little bit around the NCAA national office, and wouldn’t you know it we came across something special to the state of Arkansas!


Isaiah with the 2019 Women’s Track and Field National Championship Banner

Isaiah: “It was cool to see all those national champions from all those levels and get to see the Razorback up on the wall with them. We found it quickly too, that logo is hard to miss!”

After our dinner break we headed to the last speaker of the night, Carrie Cecil on the X’s and O’s of social media.

Carrie jolted us all out of our dinner haze and brought the importance of building yourself and your brand the right way. She said over and over again that if it is out there they will find it. She also gave us some pointers on how to build yourself and use your schools brand to help build your own brand.

One of the most powerful things of the weekend was a video she showed and Isaiah and I thought it would be important that we shared the message with you as well. It was a video about a coach who lost his daughter. He had his location services turned on and it notified the cyber stalker that he and his wife away from their house while their daughter was home alone… That hit Isaiah and myself hard and how important it is to be careful with any technology these days.

But after a long day a traveling and speeches we were done for the day and headed back to the hotel ready for an early morning on day two.

While the administrators (myself and the other non players) were not required to arrive to the national office on Saturday until 11 AM, the players had to be there three hours later to conduct some mock interviews with NBA executives.

When we arrived, the interviews were complete and we did a short debrief. Isaiah said the interviews were helpful for him and hopefully when the time comes he can fall back on those mock interviews for guidance.

The most interactive part of the day came when the players participated in some financial awareness activities. Arguably one of the most important aspects of the entire symposium. They learned the importance of creating financial goals, how to hire a financial advisor and how quickly your money can disappear if not treated properly.




Getting the guys out of their comfort zone was a great way to demonstrate all the different areas of how to handle finances.

The next speakers we were able to listen two were three former NBA players and one of them even played for Coach Musselman when Coach Musselman was in the NBA, Cherokee Parks. The basketball world is a small world for us to end up here speaking to one of Coach’s former players.


Finally, to end the night we got a chance to listen to Greg Anthony. He talked about the importance of relationships and how far they can take you in life. Again, hitting on the theme of not basketball itself, but what can basketball do for you later in life when the ball stops bouncing.

Another long day in the books, but not a wasted day. A lot was learned. With brains fried we set back off to the hotel to watch a little college football and prepare for the final day of the seminar.

Sunday morning, we got the privilege of listening to Kevin Eastman. Coach Eastman has been on some amazing staffs, had some amazing experiences and been around some even more amazing experiences.

Coach Eastman talked about what the best do different from the rest. Isaiah said that some of the things he talked about that Ray Allen did were really cool, especially with Ray being a shooter like Isaiah.

We also got to hear from the NBA Players Association Deputy General Counsel David Foster. It was interesting to get a different perspective of how the players association works for the players. We were also able to gain a little deeper knowledge on agents and their role in players lives.

Brad Walker and Ty Ellis spoke to us about some of the things that are going on in the G-League right now; different trends and where the league is going.

As our last speaker of the day was getting ready to get introduced, Isaiah and I were starting to fade. It had been a long 3 days from a 4 am wake up call to long presentations, but as soon as this man walk to the front he had everyone awake and listening intently.

Clark Kellogg is known well in college basketball circles and he is a great TV personality. He hit us with our final talk of the weekend. Clark brought home the theme of the week with a great saying that I hope everyone who was there will take home with them. Your name will last longer than your game…..


Clark Kellogg and Isaiah Joe

4:00 pm Isaiah and I board the flight in Indianapolis headed home after a long weekend full of unique experiences and we are flying home with a whole new wealth of knowledge. We cannot thank the NCAA enough for inviting Isaiah to this prestigious event and I cannot thank Isaiah enough for allowing me to go with him and learn along side him.

10:00 pm Finally open my front door, ready to fall asleep and prepare for the week ahead.