Inside Look Into Razorback Academy and Training Camp

Inside Look Into Razorback Academy and Training Camp

Razorback Academy and Training Camp

We are so intentional here about our process and the roles we execute on a daily basis as a staff. Razorback Academy and Training Camp mirrors our commitment to the development of our team. Each series relates to how we build toward the fundamentals of the core values of our “LEVEL 5” mentality both on and off the court. “We have divided up the offseason. We just finished up what we call our team development segment. We are starting first official practice today which we are calling our training camp which will really be up until we play the game in Barnhill, then we will start getting ready for the regular season.” Equally, this steady anticipation that is building within the walls of our Basketball Performance Center is notably embedded in the buy-in, energy, and enthusiasm of our squad and staff. What better way to approach training camp with the conclusion of Razorback Academy.

Razorback Academy Breakdown: Razorback Academy has allowed us to use different and unique teaching methods that grow our guys both on and off the court. Every moment set before us whether that be in the weight room, office, training room, team activity, pre-practice, post-practice, we are mindful of what Razorback Academy proves to demonstrate. Last week we took a moment to commemorate the completion of Razorback Academy with t-shirts.

Profile & Blueprint Example: Summer Session Position Curriculum, Goal Setting Curriculum, Core Value Curriculum, Philosophy: Offensive/Defensive, Eval Analysis, and Vision Strategy 

Training Camp Breakdown: You can say day 1 almost felt like day 10. “This training camp segment, when you really don’t play for an extended period of time, mentally you got to have some toughness to get through because there is a lot of stuff we have to accomplish between now and our first game." With the exception of hours, the guys seem to be well adjusted to the pace and rhythm of our blueprint in regards to practice. Training Camp specifically allows us to keep that competitive edge and intensity. More attention to detail is there as it manifests through the implementation of drills that reflect our style of play.