Monday, 17 July 2017 10:10

Lake Tahoe Run

The team took a trip to Lake Tahoe for a challenging team bonding activity. The team participated in a 3-mile run around the beautiful Lake Tahoe. The run takes place at a higher altitude as well, roughly 6,700 feet. This run is something we try to incorporate in our summer team building activities every year. This is the third year we have run at Lake Tahoe.

"It helps us a lot with all of the places we have to go in the Mountain West, because being in shape is a big part of this, especially on the tough road games." Sophomore guard Josh Hall said.

Head Coach Eric Musselman sees it as a different, but a good measuring tool for the team, "What a great run it was, awesome team bonding for our guys, the course was a little bit more strenuous than the first couple of years. It's a great barometer too for our guys to see where they are from a cardiovascular standpoint...Great day for the Pack!"

We have activities such as these, they are a multi purpose in the fact that they help us to look at the physical condition of the team, challenge one another and have something we can look back to when we are deep into the season.The run at Lake Tahoe is an activity that challenges everyone and is something that we will often times look back on to remember challenges that we have overcome as a team.  



Tuesday, 11 July 2017 01:13

David Fizdale

“…He is a basketball genius, he is offensively, I don't think I've ever been around somebody that’s so innovative and understands how to attack matchups and understands how to teach teams to run without—he never over-does it, he teaches it enough to let the players play within the framework…”

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