Eric Musselman

Eric Musselman

We will unveil our alternate black “Team Unity” uniforms today when the Wolf Pack faces the Drake University Bulldogs at 4pm. The “Team Unity” uniforms will not have the player’s names on the back but will feature Wolf Pack on the nameplate instead. A Wolf Pack depends on endurance, strength and each other when they hunt their prey. This symbolism is represented in the design and color choice of the “Team Unity” uniform. Our players are excited for the opportunity to wear them this afternoon.

“I think they are cool and different, especially with the new era of Nevada basketball. It helps bring out our tough side and shows the significance of how hard we worked to deserve these new colors”

-       Marqueze Coleman, Senior Guard

“As a sports fan growing up, I’ve always thought it was cool when a team has alternate uniforms in non-traditional colors.”

-       Lindsey Drew, Freshman Guard

“Coach is always talking about finding our identity as a team. I think the ‘Team Unity’ uniforms represent that. Ever since Coach got here, he’s encouraged us to spend time with each other because when we’re close off the court it shows up on the court. We’ve been in some battles and even lost a couple games this year, but we’ve always stayed together.”

-       Tyron Criswell, Senior Guard

This is the first time that I’ve had a uniform that has both the school and the mascot all in the same uniform. I love the Nevada on the front. It’s kind of a throw back to our tradition.

-       Elijah Foster, Sophomore Forward

I just think they’re fly! It’s awesome that Coach let us help design them too.

-       Cam Oliver, Freshman Forward

Our recruits are also looking forward to donning the new uniforms when they get to campus.

“Growing up in Los Angeles, style has always been huge to me. As crazy as it sounds, that played a part in my decision to come to Nevada. When Coach Muss showed me his vision for the uniforms and how he let the players design them, I was sold.”

-       Devearl Ramsey, 4 star PG Signee

I mean, how many teams in the country have 5 uniforms? When Coach Muss told me his plan for the uniforms, I was blown away!

-       Josh Hall, 4 star Guard Signee

Friday, 11 December 2015 18:47

Drake Preview

Saturday’s game versus Drake is a part of the Mountain West – Missouri Valley Challenge. This will be the 4th time the 2 teams have met where the Bulldogs lead the all-time series 0-4. Drake is 4-5 on the year, most recently loosing a hard fought game 71-74 to Big East power DePaul.

Drake’s offensive attack is like a three-headed monster. Number 3 Graham Woodward, #12 Reed Timmer and #31 Kale Abrahamson average a combined 49 points per game and account for 65% of their offense. In addition to their 3 perimeter players, the Bulldogs’ front court is anchored by a pair of solid big men; 6’8” 218 pound Junior forward Kale Abrahamson and 7’0” 246 pound Junior center Jacob Enevold Jensen. As a team, Drake shoots 42% from 3, are 3rd in Missouri Valley Conference in defensive rebounding at 27.5 rebounds per game, are 15th in the country in 3 point shooting percentage at 41.7% and are 4th in the MVC in assists, averaging 13.4 per game.

I’m really looking forward to this game. It’s the 2nd leg of a 4-game home stand, our players have decided to do our one-of-a-kind pregame warmup again, we’re giving out free pizza to the Blue Crew, our student section, and I think it’s an opportunity for our team to compete against a very skilled and experienced team.

Come out and support! Go Pack!

Coach Muss

Friday, 11 December 2015 03:40

#PackStats 12/10/15

The Wolf Pack had an impressive showing Wednesday, beating Fresno Pacific 119-70.  The victory marked one of the best offensive performances by any team in the country this season.  Here's a look at Wednesday's #PackStats...

Nevada set season highs in:

** Points per possession – Scored 1.44 points per possession

** Effective field goal percentage – 69.4%

** Offensive rebound percentage – Rebounded 57.6% of our misses

There have been 1,582 games so far this season throughout the country.  Out of every single one of those games the Wolf Pack last night had the:

** 23rd highest points per possession (out of 1,582 games)

** 53rd highest effective field goal percentage (out of 1,582 games)

** 13th highest offensive rebound percentage (out of 1,582 games)

Wednesday marked the fastest paced game since 2009:

Nevada's 83 possessions are the most in a game since 11/21/09 (a span of 201 games)

Most points scored in a half in school history (73 points in the second half)


Hope to see you this Saturday as Nevada hosts Drake.  Go Pack!


Thursday, 03 December 2015 20:06

Oregon State Game Preview

This is my inaugural blog post for our new website. I will be posting regularly, providing comments and insights on the team as well as some thoughts about the week of practice and games.

We are coming off of a win versus Holy Names where I thought we made progress as a team. We really emphasized floor spacing and sharing the ball the week of practice before. This resulted in 29 assists on 40 made field goals, while shooting 59.7% for the game versus Holy Names. The 3 biggest takeaways from the game was that it allowed us to build confidence, we were able to expand our rotation to include some guys who haven’t been playing as much and thirdly, we were able to rest some guys who have been logging heavy minutes. We were also 5-10 from 3 in the 2nd half, our highest percentage for a half all year.

All of this is important for us as we prepare to play a 5-1 Oregon State team that is coming of off a 79-70 win on Wednesday versus Loyola Marymount University. Oregon State has a balanced offensive attack led by senior guard, Gary Payton II. Defensively, they are holding their opponents to 38.6% shooting from the field and 28.8% shooting from behind the three-point line. We will look to play efficient basketball and great defense on Saturday.

In addition to preparing for Oregon State, our guys are on the final stretch of the semester this week. We are encouraging them to finish the school year strong.

We’re flying up to Corvallis Friday for a 1pm PST tip on Saturday on the Pac12 Network.


Go Pack!

Coach Muss

Wednesday, 02 December 2015 19:17

3 Questions with Coach Muss 12/2/15

The Wolf Pack are coming off of a 108-57 victory over Holy Names, that featured season highs in points scored (108) and assists (29).  Next, Nevada will travel to Corvallis, Oregon to take on the 4-1 Oregon State Beavers.



3 Questions for Coach Muss


1.  You’re 5-2 following Monday’s win over Holy Names, what team stat jumps out at you after 7 games?

"We’re now number one in the nation in blocked shots.  Cam Oliver is one of the most talented freshman in the country and, along with AJ West, has done a great job protecting the rim for us.  We’ve also done a really good job from the foul line this season, shooting 4 percent, which ranks 59th in NCAA.  Maybe the most impressive thing has been our overall team defense, as we've held opponents to 35% from the field, which ranks 16th in the country."


2.  Any surprises so far this season?

"Marqueze Coleman has done a great job as a team leader, both on the floor and in the locker room.  He leads the team in scoring, but showed his unselfishness in the Holy Names game by dishing out 11 assissts and only taking one shot."


3.  What are your thoughts on the Oregon State Beavers leading up to Saturday’s game?

"Oregon State is led by All American candidate Gary Payton Jr..  They have 5 seniors that return and three key freshman.  The Beavers were picked by several publications to be an NCAA tournament team, and are very difficult to beat in Gill Coliseum.  They are extremely well coached by Wayne Tinkle, and are an excellent three point shooting team averaging over 7 made three pointers per game.   We must take care of the ball on the road, as OSU averages more than 8 steals per game."  

Wednesday, 18 November 2015 21:59

Bench Coaching

Wednesday, 18 November 2015 21:58

Eric and Referee

Monday, 12 October 2015 22:38

Are you willing to bet on yourself?

Found a great little book by Jeffrey Gitomer the other day titled "Jeffrey Gitomer's Little Teal Book of Trust." It's only a couple of hundred pages, but it's a wonderful book -- one that I'd consider giving to other coaches and players.

Here's a good excerpt from the first part of Gitomer's book:

Have you ever looked back at a decision you made and scolded yourself, almost punished yourself, for making the wrong decision or realizing you could have made a better decision?

Monday-morning quarterbacks are always correct. They see what could have been done or should have been done on Sunday, and talk about it on Monday as though they could have gone back to Sunday and done it themselves.

People who go back and chastise themselves, or second-guess themselves, for making a wrong decision continue to set themselves up for failure in future decisions simply because they don't trust themselves.

I maintain that your judgment should always be trusted and never be second-guessed. That doesn't mean you won't make errors. That's why they call it judgment.

But I'm challenging you to look at incorrect decisions as lessons, life's lessons.

Mistakes in judgement are the best teachers in the world, and if you choose to learn from them, then you will begin to trust yourself and understand that, correct or incorrect, you were decisive and moved on.

Oh, you may rely on others. Oh, you may be dependent on others. But reliance and dependence are mutually exclusive of trust.

In order to build trust and become a trusted advisor to others, you have to first trust yourself. This means you have to trust your thinking, your wisdom, your knowledge, your judgment, your instincts, your powers of observation,your powers of dedication, your ability to reason, and your ability to discern.

You must be decisive. Trusted people are not wishy-washy. Trusted people do not pass the buck. Trusted people are willing to bet on themselves. It's not "trust me." It's "trust yourself."

Mike Montgomery is in his first season as head coach at Cal but he "guided Stanford to 12 NCAA appearances including the 1998 Final Four."

To get his Cal players excited about the tourney, "after the team's regular season had concluded at Arizona State, Montgomery assembled his players. He showed them a video about the NCAA tournament, featuring big moments and big plays. Montgomery then spoke of his own March Madness experiences to a locker room in which 10 of the 15 players had never been on the court in an NCAA game."

"I told them," Montgomery said, "how they don't understand how hard it is to win in the tournament, how they don't have any idea yet how big a deal this is. It's something you'll look back on and you need to cherish it. I talked to them about the heartbreak that can happen when you give it everything and sell your souls out and still lose — but how it's all worth it."

"He got a little emotional about it,'' point guard Jerome Randle said. "He was talking about the memories you can have, about how once you get there, anything can happen. It's a serious deal for him."

Monday, 12 October 2015 22:33

Trying to make your opponent uncomfortable

Good story in the Minneapolis paper about 31-year-old veteran Brian Cardinal, who's proving in MIN that he can still contribute.

"After he watched for the season's opening month, he has become a valuable, contributing member of coach Kevin McHale's rotation, playing as many as 35 minutes Friday against New York when his team had about seven healthy bodies."

As evident from this quote, one of Cardinal's strengths is his attitude:

"It's tough to just sit over there and watch, but I knew at some point in time something was going to happen because that's just how this league is," Cardinal said. "It's crazy: Some days, you play. Some days, you don't. Sometimes, your number is called. Sometimes, it's not. You have to be ready at all times. I'm just lucky Mac has had some faith in me."

According to the Star-Tribute article, when they traded for him, "the Wolves... received a veteran who didn't complain when he didn't play and who has contributed with his defense, his ability to make the right play and even with his three-point shooting, whether he plays five minutes or 35. He has made seven three-pointers in the past three games."

"The last game, he had three steals, and he took three charges," [Coach] McHale said. "That's six possessions. That's huge."

Cardinal is one of those rare NBA role players who, as Dr. J said here, understands his role and is happy to be in the league. Cardinal is first to acknowledge that he's "heavy on will and seemingly light on skill."

"I'm not the greatest of athletes, the greatest of jumpers," he said. "The list of things I'm not very good at goes on and on. I try to make up for that with hard work and just knowing the game. I try to make people somewhat uncomfortable. Anytime you're in your comfort zone, you're at your best. So I try to make the other guy uncomfortable."
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